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Remember when you had a job and a payday?

You couldn’t wait for Friday or month end to come. That would be the only time you have money and maybe even friends.

When I worked in a factory from 1992 to 1994 I was paid every Friday – in cash. I remember the first day I received my moola from my employer’s hand. Now I was new school and I had some serious political education at the hand of David Africa between 1987 and 1990. I had a reasonable understanding of the system of capitalism and how the employers needed us as much as we BELIEVED we needed them. So I just took my money and I was on my way. The rest of my co-workers looked at me in bewilderment. My transgression.. I DID NOT SAY THANK YOU FOR THE MONEY. So every Friday was not just payday for me anymore. it was also the day I marvelled at grown men acting like slaves. Then we’d go on to being stupid with our money. Buy stuff on credit. Drink all weekend long. Go clubbing and buy alcohol for people you don’t even know.

no payday for entrepreneurs

Then after I spent some time at varsity I moved on to what people term white collar jobs. Here month end was the time most economic activity happened – stupid or otherwise. Month end was the time friends came out of the woodwork. Your mind went wobbly and you just spent, spent and spent.

These days as an entrepreneur there is no such thing as payday. There are no weekends or month-end either. There are just days. There are days when you have lots of money. There are days when you have a little money. There are days when you are broke. But there are just days. Your staff has payday. They have month end etc. But not you. You are working towards a goal, and while you are doing that the goal is the focus. Not the process of getting there. So you start losing sight of things like a specific day to pay yourself, doing silly things with money and just acting “financially stupid” period. You have no time, and you are way too focused on your goals and making sure you deliver on what you promised your clients to focus on anything else.

It’s 4 years later for me. My business celebrated 4 years of existence 3 days ago – on 5 February 2015. My last payday was the end of January 2011. I have not known a payday since then. And I suspect this is perfectly normal for entrepreneurs.


How about you?