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I sometimes find myself just staring a the monitor. This past Sunday night I did it for like 5 minutes.
That’s because in my line of work I use a computer extensively, i.e. I do so many things I am forced to multitask – most times.

I like to refer to myself as a “brand optimiser”. I optimise brands. Larry Weber says “a brand is conversation”. So what I do is make sure that in all aspects of a client’s business the conversation remains consistent. The same thing MUST be said across every communications medium. Larry goes further, saying that “the stronger the conversation the stronger the brand” (thanx Hubspot)

3 browsers

So recently I had to uninstall some programs and just after I’ve uninstalled Mozilla Thunderbird and was on the verge of doing the same to Firefox.. it hit me square between the eyes. I use 3 browsers. Wow. This was news to me. Bit here’s why..

Google launched their Chrome browser toward the latter part of 2008. My first thought was that since I use the search engine rather frequently.. why would I wanna use a browser other than the one developed by the people that developed the search engine. Make sense? I think so. So I latched onto Chrome then and I’ve never looked back. It’s quick, I like the tab ripping, the download graphic animation, the ad infinitum amount of tabs that can be open without the browser crashing on me and a few other features. So I was pretty much hooked on Chrome. Then one day I could not do Delicious bookmarking anymore. Pissed off, I started using Firefox for all my bookmarking.. until one day I discovered a mini-tutorial on how to set up Delicious bookmarking via the bookmark bar on Chrome. That sorted out bookmarking.

Then along came Hubspot who had these nice videos I loved watching, but as Christmas drew closer I had less and less time to watch these videos (no I wasn’t goofing off. i’m in marketing so it’s my job to watch these videos). I then needed to download these videos to watch them later, and Chrome couldn’t help me with that. So it was back to Mozilla Firefox, who integrated Realplayer’s recording plugin oh so nicely and allowed me to watch the Hubspot videos in my SOHO – after hours. Not even a week later I – purely by mistake – stumbled upon Mozilla’s FTP add-in for the Firefox browser. Man was I delighted. Bye bye CuteFTP. More space on my hard-drive.

So it was Chrome for browsing and downloading ebooks etc and Firefox for video downloads and FTP uploads (for approximately 60 client sites).

Then Mozilla launched Version 3.0 of Firefox and they did not accommodate compatibility with Realplayer’s plugin. Eina! So what now? Back to Jurassic Park I went. Into my Control Panel and bring back Internet Explorer (i will not link any Microsoft sites because I paid for my copy of Windows XP). Testing.. testing.. and YES! it works. Realplayer’s plugin was back in effect.

So there. Now I work on 3 browsers in my SOHO and my BOCO (big office company office). It’s kinda crappy, but I really need all three browsers to be productive.

The one good thing springing from all this is that if Sleipnir or anybody else ever decides to make a browser that can record video (yes I am aware of the other Mozilla video download add-in, but I like Realplayer’s download speed and video quality), enable the integration of most social networking tools, lets me upload as easy as FireFtp does and work as smoothly and quickly as Chrome..

I’ll pay for it. Serious.